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Managed Backup

One of the less well known components of Managed Services is Managed Backup. And understandably so. With today’s pervasive availability of products like Mozy, Carbonite and many of the computer manufacturers and security software companies offering their own backup solution, it’s understandably less familiar. So here’s the real question: Do I need it? For most […]

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It Services in Farmington NM and Durango CO

Information Technology Services

Information Technology SERVICES. This is actually a logical break in the Managed Services discussion. In fact, I’d wager it’s one of the things most of the providers of said service leave out of the discussion: It’s a service. When you think about a service, it’s something that accountants, lawyers, doctors, etc. provide you with, generally

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Managed Anti-Virus

Managed anti-virus. This should be anti-malware… Over the last year, I’ve noticed a rather alarming trend: non-virus malware has become massively prevalent. Far more than the standard run-of-the-mill computer virus we all know and loathe. You might notice these on your computer, things like Vosteran, Astromenda, etc. Not technically viruses, more browser hijacks, little agents

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What is this “Cloud” thing anyway??

In 2008 I started S2 Consulting, Inc. to serve the small/medium business community’s IT needs. What I found is companies and individuals fairly consistently are taken advantage of by technology providers who are stuck in the past, focusing on old paradigms of on-site, client/server architecture and break-fix services doing nothing but costing them money and

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