Choosing the Right IT Professional – Misconceptions (Part 2)

A Small Business Owner’s Guide

6 Costly Misconceptions About IT

They will be here when I need them. This is the reason you’re paying them right? Not just to talk you through issues but to actually be there to work with you to solve the problems you may have. Most of the individuals and businesses in this field won’t bother to take the time to physically be there for you.

They will understand my needs. No one seems to get it, you need someone who will sit down with you and really understand what you’re trying to accomplish with your business and build your IT infrastructure from there instead of forcing you into their box.

They will help me run my business more efficiently. Not unless they understand what it is you’re doing. There are many solutions out there for various types of businesses, you don’t really need most of them. You just need the ones that make your business easier to run and won’t deprive you of your precious time.

I will be provided with creative solutions to my problems. Probably not; in the world of IT, most will come with a pre-packaged set of tools that they want to sell you without even taking your business and its special needs into consideration. This approach makes you their slave, wasting your time and money.

I will have the best help selecting new hardware or software when I need it. Most of them are vying to compete in a local market with the major distributors (i.e. Dell, HP, etc.) who use already cheap parts in an assembly line. They’re really only trying to make a fast buck for themselves and separate you from your hard earned money in the long run.

They’re IT professionals, they’ll understand what I need to stay ahead of the curve. How could they understand how to keep you ahead of the curve when they don’t know where your particular curve is? Your business is unique and requires someone who is willing to understand where you want to go and has a grasp of blooming technologies and how to intermarry the two to provide you with the best. Not just typical, old fashioned business solutions that are at best, temporary.

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