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Remote Monitoring & Management

Welcome back! Remote Monitoring and Management is one of the less-visible aspects of managed services (at least to the small business owner) – and one that is easily misunderstood, underestimated and maligned. But should it be?

If your IT provider is using RMM to provide you with service, the primary benefits they see is reduced fuel consumption, organization, time savings and no need to interface with ordinary humans, which can be awkward for many in that line of work. What you see is NO IT GUY. Also, your problems generally get solved faster and more efficiently. I mention the former because too often, small business providers think they’re not getting value-for-money if they’re not seeing the person who fixes their computers in the flesh semi-regularly.

As easy as it is to come to that conclusion, it’s wrong as often as it’s right. It can be, that if the only thing they’re providing you with is remote support and effectively maintaining a database of your equipment with replace-by dates, you’re really probably not getting much value-for-money. However, if they’re providing you with patch management, actively managed anti-virus and security, etc., etc. you’re really getting quite a lot of proactive support and extraordinarily good value. Don’t underestimate this, but ASK THEM – WHAT ARE YOU REALLY DOING FOR ME?

True Remote Monitoring and Management involves the upkeep of a current database of all IT related equipment and recommended replace-on dates. It also entails monitoring the overall health of the network, servers, workstations, cloud resources, smart phones, printers, etc. Simply being able to have access to all of it nearly instantly is too often simply an upshot for the provider, not for you, the small business owner.

It’s great that we can be there to work on your computers in 30 seconds. This does mean less downtime for you. This may also mean you’re being taken advantage of, yet again, because no one took the time to really explain what sort of managed services, if any, you have.

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