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Managed Backup

One of the less well known components of Managed Services is Managed Backup. And understandably so. With today’s pervasive availability of products like Mozy, Carbonite and many of the computer manufacturers and security software companies offering their own backup solution, it’s understandably less familiar. So here’s the real question: Do I need it? For most […]

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A Head in the Cloud – Speed & Equipment (Part 9)

The concept of cloud computing isn’t really a new one. They had something like that decades ago, known as “dummy terminals”. Typically low powered machines that accessed the resources on a high-end, very expensive server. As computing needs grew and performance was needed, the de-centralization movement began. Sort of. Now, with the added resources of

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A Head in the Cloud – Productivity (Part 3)

For word processing, spreadsheets, presentations and the like, most people in this country use Microsoft Office. Which typically means storing the documents on your computer, paying $300+ per computer in licensing fees every few years and dealing with periodic, problematic updates and speed issues with your computer, which DOES have a shelf life. Which we’ll

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