What’s IT For ?

Is IT just a black hole you throw money down every month?


It’s a real question a lot of small business owners ask themselves. So is it? Too much of the time it is. A lot of the time the fault lies with the IT provider. They see themselves as technicians that come when you call (if you’re lucky), monitor your systems from a distance and rarely ever provide anything that makes a measurable difference to your business.

Being small business owners, we all face challenges. There’s always a weakness we have and the difference can be made, like a good marriage, when we find that other person that gives strength where there wasn’t any before. But, to continue with the marriage analogy, there needs to be communication and understanding. Here’s some simple things to consider, especially during rough economic times:

  • Is my IT working for me ?
  • Has my IT consultant worked to understand my business ?
  • Has there been an increase in efficiency and productivity with these technology changes ?
  • Do I feel like I’m just wasting money on this computer garbage ?

If you can answer negatively to some or all of these questions, chances are YES, you are just pouring money down the tubes. Don’t despair though… That means it’s time for some change and time to aggressively grab additional marketshare with increased productivity and highly leveraged IT solutions.

So my advice is this: Sit down with your current consultant. Explain the situation to him or her and where you’re coming from, the difficulties you’re facing. Ask them what they can do about it. If they look at you like a deer in the headlights, perhaps it’s time to make a change to someone who can actually benefit you.

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